Zur Estate


Our Estate is very small estate producing only 2000 bottles a year reserved for the elite of Israeli gastronomy.
The wine is made from grapes grown in their family’s vineyards, established in 2012, on the north-western slopes of Tel Gezer, near Karmei Yossef. The limestone-rich soil and the sea wind from the west, create the optimal conditions for the vines, granting the grapes their unique flavor.
The vineyards are a continuous part of the natural surroundings, harmonious with local wildlife, epitomized by the Israeli Gazelle.
To them, this majestic creature symbolizes nobility, curiosity, and family values. They believe in attention to detail, combining traditional manual labor with modern agricultural methods. In this spirit, they grow their grapes to make quality wine that is different and interesting, great for sharing with those you love.