Enza La Fauci


Enza La Fauci Estate stands on family land near Capo Peloro, where Ulysses encountered the sirens during his long journey. To resist their enchanting voices, he had himself tied to the ship’s main mast. We’re right at the entrance to the Strait of Messina. The soil is clay mixed with limestone, with Scirocco and Tramontana winds, and abundant winter rainfall. This makes the territory a unique one compared to other parts of Sicily, which often feature drier and sunnier landscapes.
Work in the vineyard is entirely manual, except for a small tractor used for soil cultivation. Being deeply committed to the natural integrity of the wines, we avoid any chemical herbicides. I often like to say that I’m more “organic” than organic itself. But beyond wordplay, this is my working philosophy.
Four varieties are cultivated using Cordon Royat and Guyot techniques: Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio, Nocera, and Nero d’Avola.