Emiliano Falsini


Emiliano Falsini, the accomplished winemaker, tends to approximately 3 hectares of Cabernet Franc vines in Bolgheri’s Sondraie region, within the northern area of Castagneto Carducci. His Bolgheri project focuses on Cabernet Franc, and he currently crafts two distinct wines from this grape.
Under the geographical label “Costa Toscana Cabernet Franc,” Emiliano produces wines that reflect the terroir and character of Bolgheri. These wines are created with grapes sourced from the local area, managed under his guidance. The current selection includes.
Emiliano’s approach here also deviates from the conventional Bolgheri style. He emphasizes freshness and less maturity, vinifying the Bolgheri-selected grapes exclusively through punching down and aging in lightweight wood. The goal is to present a Cabernet Franc with a Mediterranean touch, maintaining agility, freshness, and the grape’s distinctive essence.