The Viviani family have ten hectares of vines in the hamlet of Mazzano, in the historic Valpolicella Classico zone.
The south-south easterly exposure of the family’s vineyards and the high altitude (350 – 450 metres above sea level) at which they are located offer the best conditions possible for the cultivation of vines. In addition, the well-ventilated site and the low humidity favour the drying of the grapes for Recioto and Amarone.
The Viviani family’s aim is to express the full potential of their property, above all by employing viticultural practices which will allow the vines to grow in as natural and harmonious a way as possible, and thereby produce high quality grapes. This involves the phasing-out of treatments with synthetic products (herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers).
Moreover, extending this philosophy to their wine-ry operations, the Vivianis avail themselves of modern plant and techniques, whilst retaining a healthy respect for the grapes they use as well as for local traditions.