Gaetano Di Carlo


The first wine produced by Gaetano Di Carlo’s farm is a pure Catarratto named “Lù.” A terroir-driven wine, crafted in the traditional way. It boasts a straw-yellow color, intense citrus aromas, and subtle hints of iodine. Its taste is fresh and flavorful, making it an excellent companion throughout a meal.
Producer’s Notes: A return to origins for Gaetano Di Carlo, who in 2019 decided to go back to his native land and venture into winemaking. The company is located in Corleone, one of Sicily’s most fertile regions. The gamble paid off in 2019 with the birth of the first wine “Lù,” a blend of Luca, the names of both Gaetano’s father and son. In 2020, the production extended to extra virgin olive oil from centuries-old Nocellara del Belice olive groves.