Château Pauqué


Nestled in Luxembourg’s Moselle wine region, Château Pauqué embodies viticultural excellence. Located in Grevenmacher, it combines tradition and innovation to create wines reflecting the unique terroir.
Grevenmacher: A wine enthusiast’s haven, this town boasts a storied wine legacy and stunning views of Moselle River’s vine-covered curves, making Château Pauqué historically charming.
Abu Duhr: The Artisan Winemaker
Château Pauqué’s essence resides in winemaker Abu Duhr. His strong bond with the land, vast viticultural knowledge, and passion place him at the forefront of winemaking.
Abu Duhr is both winemaker and storyteller, each Château Pauqué bottle narrates soil, climate, and seasons with his finesse. From vineyard to cellar, his meticulous care ensures an authentic representation of origin.
Wine Portfolio: Château Pauqué’s range mirrors Grevenmacher’s terroir diversity. Crisp whites to structured reds, each wine showcases precision and artistry. It marries Moselle’s traditional grapes with Abu Duhr’s innovative approach.