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About Medwine Company

The Medwine Company is not just a purveyor of wines; it’s a culmination of passions, journeys, and the timeless tales of the Mediterranean. Founded on Giovanni Curcio’s rich experience and boundless love for wine, our company promises an unparalleled wine experience, a sensory journey through the diverse landscapes of the Mediterranean.

Every bottle in our collection is handpicked, echoing the traditions, flavors, and soul of its region. We invite you to embark on this journey, to taste, savor, and celebrate the finest Mediterranean wines with us.

Medwine Company

Delve deep into the story of the Medwine Company, where the essence of the Mediterranean is captured in every bottle. Explore our mission, our passion, and the tales of the vineyards we represent.

Giovanni Curcio's Odyssey

From the bustling streets of Rome to the serene landscapes of Luxembourg, journey alongside Giovanni Curcio as he uncovers the secrets of wine and gastronomy, setting the stage for the Medwine Company’s inception.

In the heart of Rome, amidst the grandeur of the Hotel Splendid Royal’s Mirabelle restaurant, a young Giovanni Curcio began his tryst with the culinary world. Guided by the seasoned expertise of Bruno Borghesi, Giovanni learned the meticulous standards of the industry, transforming challenges into avenues of growth. This foundation in Rome catapulted him onto a Grand Tour of Italy’s iconic culinary landmarks. His prowess as the head sommelier at il Pagliaccio contributed to the restaurant’s esteemed recognition of two Michelin stars.

In Florence, Giovanni’s journey led him to the esteemed Enoteca Pinchiorri, where he was immersed in a world of rare and treasured wines, a haven for connoisseurs from all corners of the globe.

Answering the siren call of France, the global gastronomic powerhouse, Giovanni stepped into the world of Alain Passard’s l’Arpége in 2010. Paris became the backdrop for further accomplishments, with roles as head sommelier at esteemed establishments like La Dame de Pic and Il Vino.

2018 marked a significant chapter with Giovanni joining the iconic Lucas Carton house, enriching his palate and knowledge with their historic wine collection. The following year saw the birth of Chicca, a venture dedicated to unearthing rare and coveted wines.

Fast forward to today, after being recognized as the Sommelier of the Year in Luxembourg, Giovanni’s heart and expertise are poured into the Medwine Company. Here, alongside a team of dedicated sommeliers, the finest wines from Italy to Catalonia, Israel to Luxembourg are curated, celebrating the rich essence of the Mediterranean.