In 1980, after years of effort, my husband Silverio Marchetti purchased 4.5 Ha of land and an abandoned house near Montalcino. We renovated the house and moved in by 1982. With my husband’s winemaking experience, we planted a vineyard and gradually established a small winery. Though initially unable to label it as Brunello di Montalcino, in 1995 our land joined the D.O.C.G., marking the beginning of our journey.
Our daughters, Ilaria and Fiorella, along with our grandchildren Nicola and Giacomo, later joined the family venture. Despite my husband’s passing in 1997, the entire family continued his legacy, giving birth to Armilla. In ancient Rome, “armilla” denoted a golden bracelet, symbolizing continuity.
For us, Armilla’s wine maintains the promise of Silverio’s vision, bridging generations from him to Ofelia, his daughters, and his grandchildren.