• Sphera Winery

    Judean Foot Hills, ISRAEL

    Throughout Israeli wine history, the red wine has
    always been dominated by a bordeaux style.
    Sphera marks a break through in this line of
    thought, as following their first vintage in 2012,
    they built a winery of only white wines. Their
    idea is to make some ‘Sphera Wines’: a clear full
    circle that moves in harmony. The winemaker
    learnt at Jacques Prieur‘s and all over
    Champagne. Today Sphera is considered as the
    top white wine of Israel and is present in all of
    Israel’s finest tables.

  • Zur Estate


    Our Estate is very small estate producing only 2000 bottles a year reserved for the elite of Israeli gastronomy.
    The wine is made from grapes grown in their family’s vineyards, established in 2012, on the north-western slopes of Tel Gezer, near Karmei Yossef. The limestone-rich soil and the sea wind from the west, create the optimal conditions for the vines, granting the grapes their unique flavor.
    The vineyards are a continuous part of the natural surroundings, harmonious with local wildlife, epitomized by the Israeli Gazelle.
    To them, this majestic creature symbolizes nobility, curiosity, and family values. They believe in attention to detail, combining traditional manual labor with modern agricultural methods. In this spirit, they grow their grapes to make quality wine that is different and interesting, great for sharing with those you love.

  • Yaccov Oryah


    Yaccov Orrayah is probably the most regarded modern wine maker of Israel. He started making wine at Psagot winery in 2004. But here is his micro winery where he produces from only the Galilee and look for this cooler climat and fresh type of wines. He was also the first producer of orange wine in Israel, and had a lot of award for his wine. He’s one of the most present wine maker on Israeli high cuisine wine list.
    The wines are always made with a minimum sulfite and different expression of oak.

  • Tulip


    In 2003, the Itzhaki family fulfilled their long-held vision by founding the Tulip Winery, an expression of their great love of wine and huge love of people. This was a true milestone – combining fine, high quality wines with a committed contribution to the community.
    The hillside in Kfar Tikva, a small and pastoral settlement for residents with special needs, was the perfect and most natural setting for building the winery. The winery’s inspiring and thriving model of employing members of the community and providing a platform for their integration into the labor market just like ordinary people, formed an extraordinary, strong, inseparable and rooted connection.
    Tulip Winery annually produces about 300,000 bottles that are sold throughout Israel and in many countries worldwide. Tulip wines receive enthusiastic reviews from wine critics and customers alike, as well as international awards, complementing the holistic experience that every person feels when they encounter these wines.
    The passion to create unique, bold and out of the box wines constantly drives us forward. Tulip Winery’s entrepreneurial spirit enables us to continue to lead – creatively, innovatively, professionally and sensitively.
    The professional breakthrough discernible in the unique blends and the uncompromising quality throughout the winemaking process. Tulip’s unique combination of professional expertise and its new statement within the wine industry, lead to the winery’s great success.

  • Sea Horse


    Sea Horse Winery was founded in the year 2000, in the village of Bar Giyora, located in the Judean Mountains (near Jerusalem).by Orly and Ze’ev Dunie.
    The winery grows most of the grapes needed for its wines. By that, in its 23 years of existence, the winery studies and explores grape varieties that are less popular or common in Israel.
    The grape varieties include Chenin Blanc, Sirah, Zinfandel, Grenache, Mourvèdre and Petite Sirah. These grapes are the foundation of the winery’s wines, which are usually named after beloved artists: Lennon, Hemingway, Fellini, Antoine (de Saint Exupery), and others.
    The vineyards of the winery in Bar Giyora are farmed with organic means since day one. Additionally, the vineyards are planted in a higher density than common in Israel, which creates a fruit that is very condensed in flavors.
    In 2017, the winery started a transition to using wild yeast fermentation, as a part of a process to emphasize the wine’s local identity. Culture yeasts are grate, they give the winemaker a sense of control and security. However, if the goal is to create local wines that expresses their terroir, it has to be done by using the local wild yeasts.

  • Pinto


    Pinto was founded in 2009 with the help of Yaccov Oryah, in the mind to exprime the terroir of Israel trough this unique place in the world to make wine and look for an Israeli identity. For this they decided to use grapes farmed in the Negev. Their first vintage was founded 2020 but it is already an estate to look at.

  • Netofa


    Netofa Winery was established in 2006 out of a great passion for wine, for the love of the countryside, for creation and for working the land. They offer elegant quality wines, characterized by a refined body with complex aromas and flavors. The vineyards are located at the foot of Mt. Tabor in the heart of the Lower Galilee with a variety of grapes: Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre, Tempranillo, Touriga Nacional, Chenin Blanc and Roussanne. The unique terroir is an ideal environment for these varieties and contributes greatly to maximizing the qualities and properties of the fruit. The winemaker Pierre Miodownik, with his many years of experience in France, Spain and Portugal, and viticulturist Yitzchak Tor, who lives and breathes the vineyards and the Land of Israel, are trusted with the art of thought and creation. Together with their colleagues, these two friends thrive to create excellent Israeli wines through the labor of their own hands in the Land of Israel.

  • Nana Estate


    The vineyards are located in Mitzpe Ramon, in the upper section of the Zin River at an altitude of 800m. The loess soil is rich in minerals, and the vine benefits from the range of extreme temperatures between day and night, which enables gradual and moderate ripening in desert conditions.
    Eran Raz, known by his nickname, Nana, is a Viticulturist who has transformed Mitzpe Ramon into one of the most desirable areas for obtaining grapes.
    In 2007, the planting of the vineyard commenced. During that year, approximately 3 ha vineyards were planted and currently, the vineyard sprawls over an area of 10 ha.

  • Margalit


    Margalit Winery is a family owned winery, founded in 1989. Before founding the winery, the owners and winemakers Asaf and Yair Margalit experimented in quality wine making in their backyard for six years, distributing the wines amongst friends with no commercial objective. The 1989 Vintage was the first wine to go public, and that is when Margalit Winery launched, in 1991. Ten years later, when Margalit Winery became known and established, two vineyards were planted in the Upper Galilee and Binyamina, and a third vineyard followed in 2011, nearby Zichron Yaakov. It is an iconic estate being the very first ‘Boutique Winery’ (30000 bottles) and non-kosher.

  • Maia


    MAIA Winery is a boutique winery with an innovative concept. The winery, owned by entrepreneur Roy Itzhaki, produces quality Israeli-Mediterranean style wines, designed to create a perfect fit with the Mediterranean culinary world; alongside the Mediterranean scents, tastes, climate, atmosphere and culture. To attain perfection, we invited a team of top specialists to join the winery and oversee the creation of Maia’s wines; two Greek professors, leaders in each of their fields of viticulture and Mediterranean winemaking. The winemaker, Professor Yiannis Paraskevopoulos and Mediterranean vines expert, Professor Kostas Bakasietas, together with winemaker David Bar-Ilan, formed Maia’s fascinating and unique blends.